Hello i have an question.
i have installed wowza search engine on my PC and capture streaming as well. when i check its output from my own PC then it shows me everything okay, but when i ask my friends to check it it did not play for them. Seems like streaming only play for my IP not for other.
1st question:
I want o know if i get a static IP from my ISP then will i able to show my streaming all around the world??
2Nd Question :
I have Xampp server installed on my PC (also have a website on local host). can i merge the streaming output coming from JWplayer embed code into my local host based site? and will it also play on it?
in xampp my local host address is look like localhost:8080 which is same as wowza streaming engine.
so please tell me is there any conflict by merging or using both (wowza and xampp)????
waiting for reply. replied will be appriciated .
Tanvir Zafar