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Thread: ViewRight Verimatrix test

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    Default ViewRight Verimatrix test

    Because I didn't get any response on the post that I added while ago on the official "How to set up Verimatrix DRM", page 2, I'll open a new thread.
    See the posts there I have explained the issues, if needed let me know to provide more info.
    How can I test the setup because the ViewRight app requires different type of configuration, now.
    Are you contacting Verimatrix support directly to check what is changed and update the tutorial in order to be able to conduct tests for the overall setup?


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    I'm posting the original question here so that it can be seen by all viewing this thread:

    pirateMan - 01-23-2015
    Hi Richard,

    Do you have some update how was the issue fixed with ViewRight app requesting "/OMIWebapp/service/playlist/1/playlistItemList", I'm having the same issue on all devices that I'm testing (iPod touch, iPhone 4s, iPhone 6)?
    Can you provide me a contact with Verimatrix if this issue is related to them?

    pirateMan - 01-23-2015
    Just an update what I'm testing.

    I'm using WowzaStreamingEngine 4.1.1 (monthly license) I have setup everything according to the above manual.
    Like the previous comment from Sathish I have created the folder on the web server "/OMIWebapp/service/playlist/1/playlistItemList" and the app complained that there are no playlist items found.

    So using wireshark I have find the xml format that the app receives from and the format looks something like this

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    	<description>Making Culture</description>
    	<name>Making Culture</name>
    I think this manual needs some updating because obviously ViewRight has made changes and there is no other way listed here to test if the DRM is configured correctly.


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    I assume you have bought the VeriMatrix service ? and so with that you should have a support contact which should help you with how to resolve the issue. As outlined by Richard in a previous response we have seen this error multiple times with the ViewRight App, but based on your findings - the XML output - it suggests the App can not see the playlist entry for some reason. From what you have posted it seems to point to your Wowza server.


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