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Thread: Live streaming via RTMP vs RTMPS

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    Default Live streaming via RTMP vs RTMPS

    Hi every one.

    In our application we have a problem with video preview after recording. We have two variants of recording., first works fine, second doesn't work correctly.

    1. Recording video via RTMP. After record is finished, video is available immediately. And we can play it.

    2. Recording video via RTMPS. After record is finished, video is not available for preview for 1-2 minutes. On a storage directory we have two files: video.mp4 and video.mp4.tmp. After 1-2 minutes video.mp4.tmp disappeared and we can play video.

    Can anybody explain:
    - What is the delay when recording via RTMPS, and why delay is absent when recording via RTMP?
    - Can we remove this delay?

    Thanks for help!

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    It seems like it could be a problem with a connection not closing in a timely manner.
    The access and error logs in the [install-dir]/logs folder may reveal more.
    You may post any snippets from those here, if they show anything unusual.


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