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Thread: Load test not cauing much logging

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    Default Load test not cauing much logging

    I recently conducted a load test consisting of about 40 simultaneous publishing streams against our server. (I used the web-based admin to monitor the number of connections, heap size, CPU, bandwidth, etc.) When I got to 40 clients, the server started to drop connections. I assume this is all to be expected.

    However, I was expecting to see some evidence of the dropped connections on the Wowza logs (access log or error log), but there was nothing that appeared unusual in the logs. Shouldn't there be something there to indicate that connections were being dropped?

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    You should see entries in the access log for each file or stream occurrence played, so if you are testing with vod, you would see and entry something similar to:


    This should show up as many times as connections were requested (equivalent to workerCount).



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