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Thread: Help with wowza audio streaming player

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    Exclamation Help with wowza audio streaming player


    I need an urgent help, i work as a freelancer and need to make a player for a webradio station wich uses wowza. So ive already done the player layout on flash as my client asked me, but i cant make it work with wowza, i cant use JW Player cause it need to looks like this:

    So, how can i configure wowza to work with my player??

    The other streaming services i just put the Ip:Port of the server and its done, but this time i dont work at all.

    My deadline is tomorrow i dont know what to do

    Tks Guys, i hope someone can help me.

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    Hi mruoppolo,

    Welcome to the Wowza forum!

    To troubleshoot your issue, you can go through some quick steps to eliminate where the problem is:

    1. Can you play the output stream from Wowza on VLC? For example, the RTMP output playback URL from a Wowza server would have the syntax rtmp://[wowza-ip-address]:1935/[applicationName]/[streamName]. This would tell you that the stream from Wowza is healthy and can be played on a 3rd party player. You may then want to check your player code.

    2. Can you play the following output stream in your player? rtmp://[wowza-ip-address]:1935/vod/mp4:sample.mp4 The vod application is usually default, but you can change the name vod for a valid application name in your Wowza instance. This is a sample mp4 that ships with a Wowza installation. This would tell you that your player should be able to play streams from the Wowza instance, unless the problem is in the encoding/configuration of a particular stream.

    3. What other streaming services have you used with your player?


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