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Thread: Insert video component into audio only stream

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    Default Insert video component into audio only stream


    there has been some discussion about insertion static image in incoming RTMP stream, but some time ago.
    I'm doing audio only streaming from FLME to Wowza and I would like to insert a static image to stream.

    is this possible? Output stream would also be RTMP push (incoming audio + static image).

    Do I need Wowza transcoder for this, or can it be done via module/IDE?

    Thank you!

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    Hello there, and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    I'm pretty sure the stream requires a video track. You should then be able to overlay your image to cover the whole frame utilizing the Transcoder Overlay feature.

    You might take a look at one of these other options as an alternative:
    How to add poster frames to Apple HTTP streams
    How to add poster frames to Apple HTTP streams (ID3 metadata) for App Store audio renditions

    Also, a player like JW Player will allow you to add overlays on the client side. You might look into this option as well.

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