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Thread: Generate unique url for each request

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    Question Generate unique url for each request

    Hello Experts,

    I am new to this forum and i am more interest to use wowza streaming engine for my application. I just reading some tutorials. For quick catch up. I am here to ask some questions. Please give me some idea/feed back for improve myself and my applications

    i am doing a application which is support for all smart tv and smartphones to play VOD, Live channels, FM and live streaming. Currently it is like POC, for that

    1) can i generate unique streaming url for each client request(Depending on client_id with movie_id)?
    2) I want switch quality according to client's internet bandwidth. i know RED5 doing this, but i could not find in wowza.
    3) Can i get wowza source to build my own streaming engine?
    4) I do not want to use multiple copy of movies for different quality.I will keep high quality movie and i should pass which quality i want(HD/SD) according to that server should convert it to respectively.

    Please give me feedback or suggestions.

    Thank you in advance


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    Welcome to the Wowza Forum.
    1. You can use a query string to each playback attempt and then on Wowza side, using a custom module you can decide whether to allow or not playback for that particular client. Here are several articles you can look at:
    How to control access to HTTP streams (cupertinostreaming, sanjosestreaming, smoothstreaming, mpegdashstreaming)
    How to control access to Adobe HDS streaming (sanjosestreaming)
    How to control access to Apple HLS streaming (cupertinostreaming)
    How to control access to Microsoft Smooth Streaming (smoothstreaming)
    How to control access to MPEG-DASH streaming (mpegdashstreaming)
    How to control access to RTSP/RTP streams

    2. It is possible to implement adaptive bitrate delivery with Wowza server. Wowza will able to provide the different bitrate streams, but the player will need to request the correct playback URL, depending on the bandwidth it has available. Here is an article describing "How to do adaptive bitrate streaming"

    3. The Wowza Streaming Engine source code is not publicly available.

    4. If you want to deliver multiple renditions of the same video file, you will need to encode these videos previously and then store each different quality rendition in your Wowza server's application content folder. Wowza does not currently support on-the-fly VOD transcoding.


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