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Thread: Streaming to mobile without external encoder possible on Wowza without using Speex?

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    Default Streaming to mobile without external encoder possible on Wowza without using Speex?

    Good Evening Gentleman,

    I'm currently working for a music livestreaming plattform which offers video livestreaming. We want to switch to an HTML5 Solution with the use of Syiro mpeg4 dash and dash.js
    THe problem is that we use an internal flash encoder to over artists a browser based solution to easily stream their content. Since Flash only seems to over Speex and Nelly Moser, we are kind of screwed. First tests have shown that we don't get any audio to work on mobile so my question is: Is there any way we can convert the nelly moser audio into a format that wowza can work with to convert it into mpeg4 dash?

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    You can use the Transcoder Add-On to transcode the audio to AAC, but I'm afraid you can't do that with NellyMoser. Instead, you have to change to Speex audio codec on the flash client.

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    Speex is not good enough for music livestreaming from what i have heard. Any other ideas?

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    so there is no way to do this with wowza?

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    I've developed Wowza module that is using external encoder automatically to get you streams with AAC, if you're interested then please write me to

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    WHat do you mean by external encoder? In the name of the thread i stated that the external encoders are not an option. It needs to be as simple as possible for the end users. Currently we use a flash broadcaster where they jhust allow the camera and mic and thats it. Or do you mean some sort of external encoder on the server side that ties into Wowza to rencode the audio before Wowza does?

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    Yup, broadcasters and viewers will not be touched.
    Server will do everything itself.
    It will basically accept the stream, trigger the server-side encoding process that will create second stream with name like <yourstreamname>_aac, and then you'll be able to watch this new stream.

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    Sending you an email, thank you so much for your reply

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