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Thread: VOD (transmuxing) from MP4 to HLS, DASH and MSS

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    Default VOD (transmuxing) from MP4 to HLS, DASH and MSS

    Dear Wowza team,

    Our videos are in mp4. We want to move them on next level - providing HLS, Dash and MSS for our clients.
    Is it possible to have streaming solution that create HLS, DASH or MSS on the fly (transmuxing) from original mp4 with your service.

    Thanks for your time!

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    If all you want is to play an MP4 (i.e. not stream it to Wowza) and have it re-streamed in different formats, then simply use the VOD application and place your MP4 files in the defined content folder for the vod app and you can play out in different formats like any other VOD asset.

    If you want to ingest the files first (for example to transcode), then there are multiple ways of ingesting the MP4 file into Wowza and creating different output formats. Are the MP4 files created outside of Wowza? If so you can use ffmpeg or VLC to publish the file as a "live" stream into Wowza and then play out one or more of the output formats. If you wanted to keep it all within Wowza, then our Stream Publisher Module can be used to create a pseudo live stream from an MP4 file and publish it as a live stream and once again this can be output in different formats.


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    Thanks for your response.

    Just to clarify that we're on the same page. We want to upload or mp4 to Wowza. After wards we want to have following:

    https://wowza/video.mp4 - playes mp4
    https://wowza/video.mp4/playlist.m3u8 - plays hls video
    https://wowza/video.mp4/manifest.mpd - plays dash

    This is achieved without any encoding / extra cost - we just upload the files and right a way we can use this example URL to have the desired content.

    I will look into provided links by you.


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    To clarify, Wowza Streaming Cloud service is a solution for live workflows. VOD is not supported at present. I apologize for any confusion. I will pass your VOD request and workflow information to our product management team.

    The previous information provides information on how to implement using Wowza Streaming Engine which has features that can be further customized.


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    @Lisa Thank you for your reply. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you on this topic. This is a major goal for us for this quarter.

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    Default Sorry for not supporting VOD yet

    Quote Originally Posted by glambov View Post
    @Lisa Thank you for your reply. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you on this topic. This is a major goal for us for this quarter.

    even so cloud will not be ready for VOD this quarter, engine can easily fulfill your request.

    Please check this article:

    or reach out to

    The next steps then to use it with a cdn:

    and the cdn integration itself:

    Sorry for cloud not being ready for this yet.

    Thanks Philipp
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