Does Wowza server support Reliable UDP for RTP Streaming?

Here is a little more background as to why I pose this question.

I'm trying to stream unicast RTP to a set top box from Wowza server. The stream will play, but audio and video will be out of sync.
After reading through many Wowza forums related to out of sync A/V, the common response was that the encoder is the problem.

So I performed a few tests. The particular hardware encoder I'm using has a built-in RTP server, so I can play an RTP on the set top box directly from the encoder. A/V is in sync when streaming directly from the encoder.
I've tested another streaming server. This server is built by the same vendor as the encoder and set top box. A/V is in sync when streaming from this server to the set top box.

When streaming RTP from Wowza server to the set top box A/V is out of sync.

I then took troubleshooting a set further by comparing the SDP files exchanged during stream setup. I've noticed a few differences between the SDP for Wowza server and that of the other server.

Specifically, the other servers SDP contained the parameters
x-Accept-Retransmit: our-retransmit
x-Accept-Dynamic-Rate: 1

Both are absent in the Wowza SDP. Could these be enabled in Wowza? Am I completely off track?