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Thread: RTSP streaming over Youtube Live from WOWZA not working

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    Default RTSP streaming over Youtube Live from WOWZA not working


    I have configured wowza with trial license. after successful installation and testing my requirements i will purchase license. but i am facing problem of RTSP streaming over youtube LIVE from WOWZA.

    What i did,

    I activtate application "live" on wowza and then add live rtsp live streams and connect them to wowza.

    I give it name and and add them to startup streams.

    Then i tried them in test players -so i watch the stream in VLC player like

    "rtmp://wowzaIP:1935/live/" and"

    and then in wowza /usr/local/wowzaengine/conf/Pushlivestream.txt i add next lines{profile:rtmp,streamName:camera-3003.ueyx-40r8-cakt-xxxx,,application:live2}{profile:rtmp,streamName:camera-3003.ueyx-40r8-cakt-xxx,,application:live2?backup=1}

    these stuff i get from youtube, then restarted wowza.

    i also tried
    but youtube is not receiving RTMP stream.

    and nothing in the logs, can any one help?

    Please i need urgent solution.


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    This support request is being handled in ticket #123569.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcray_h View Post
    This support request is being handled in ticket #123569.
    Thank you so much, When support will solve this ticket?

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    Hi rahimcs027,

    This issue has been resolved through your ticket. Please also note that you posted on the Find A Consultants sub-forum. This sub-forum is reserved for users to solicit paid help in developing or managing their Wowza deployments. If you require help in streaming, please post to the sub-forums for Wowza Streaming Engine (for version 4 installations) or for Wowza Media Server (for version 3 installations).

    I'll go ahead and move this thread to the correct sub-forum, and close it as resolved.


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