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Thread: Seamless playlist playback

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    Question Seamless playlist playback


    I'd like to ask if its possible/easy to use WOWZA streaming server to playback custom video playlists seamlessly so they appear as a single video to the end user (preferably with single scrub control in player)?

    The idea being of course that users can mix clips into new ones save their remixes and then play them back later. No cutting clips at random spots is needed - just arranging sequences of pre-prepared clips in any order. I'm new to streaming servers technologies so forgive me if this is an obvious feature or something...

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    Hi kokos236,

    Currently, to use playlists for video on demand (VOD) files in Streaming Engine, you would need to simulate live broadcast using SMIL files. Hence there would be no "seek" or scrub control (unless you enable nDVR). Since you would be using SMIL files, the transition should be seamless.


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