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    Default Automatic stream startup

    I am using Wowza 4 trial version, and trying to get streams automatically startedup!
    so what i need is, when i recieve a RTMP stream with name (tvstream) to start it up autimatically in the live application. Is that possible?
    So anyone pushes RTMP stream to my server with unique name to be streamed automatically on the live application.
    If no possible this way, is it possible with publish users?


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    Yes this is generally how RTMP is published to Wowza. So long as you configure your source correctly so that the RTMP URL points to the Wowza server (and optionally has credentials set if Incoming Security is enabled in Wowza) then Wowza will immediately publish the stream. You can create multiple publishers within Wowza if you wish to have different credentials per stream.


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