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Thread: Timecode out of order (Video & Audio)

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    Post Timecode out of order (Video & Audio)

    I am getting Timecode out of order for both Video & Audio. A drop out appears to coincide with these error in streaming. Is there a method to handle this error

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    This log message usually appears when there is packet loss for the stream coming from your source encoder. To avoid packet loss for the incoming stream, you will need to make sure that the internet/network connection bandwidth between your encoder and Wowza server is good enough to support that incoming stream. If you are trying to push a stream that has a bitrate value higher that the bandwidth available for your Wowza server, then you might encounter packet loss in your incoming stream, which will get propagated to the playback client as well.

    Also, packet loss might happen if you have a congested network, either on the encoder side, either on the Wowza server side.


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    You can also try to correct any packets which are coming in out of order by adding a sort-buffer on the Wowza side.
    How to fix unaligned video and audio with a server-side sort buffer

    Any packets received within the buffer duration will then be correctly aligned.
    By default the buffer size is 750 ms but this can be increased up to 8000 ms (8 seconds) if required.


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