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Thread: How to inject cuepoints in live ndvr stream with HLS playback

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    Default How to inject cuepoints in live ndvr stream with HLS playback

    can anyone help me to inject cue point in live ndvr stream . Also play the ndvr stream (hls) on ipad and android devices

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    Hello Aiman,

    Take a look at the article named "How to inject cue points or metadata" to assist you with injecting cue points into a stream.

    Regarding the nDVR hls stream on Android, The default player on Android, even when using HLS, does not support nDVR (time-shift) functionality.

    For the iOS nDVR playback, please be sure to update to the latest iOS version, as Apple should have released an update (8.3) to fix this nDVR playback issue.

    I hope this helps.


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