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Thread: HTTP Origin w/ Edge Repeater

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    Default HTTP Origin w/ Edge Repeater

    Hello all,

    I am in the position of needing to run processor-intensive transcoding for a potentially large number of streams, to do this effectively I have developed a load balancer that automatically changes the output of our Zixi streaming application to one of (currently) two origin servers, based on whichever has less to do at the time.

    This puts us in the position of having streams on multiple origins servers. We bring these back together into a single point by using an edge repeater setup, with origin 1 and origin 2 being the primary and backup pull source of the application.

    I am now looking to extend our media provisions into HLS, and to do that I wish to run a reverse proxy using IIS Application Request Routing to cache the m3u8 and ts segment files and send them out over HTTPS. However, using the HTTP Origin template, the administrator panel no longer gives us options to put in the origin information.

    Is it possible to configure a HTTP origin server in such a way that it pulls from multiple Wowza origins? If doing so, will the HTTP origin still be able to serve multi-bitrate m3u8 manifest files for dynamic streaming?

    Alternatively, is it possible to configure the Wowza origins to push each one of their streams to the HTTP origin, and have it serve them as the relevant manifests and chunks, without the HTTP Origin needing to do any transcoding of its own?

    If anyone could point me to any documentation or advice on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Mark Randall

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    Hello Mark,

    You can configure your existing edge applications to work as a HTTP caching origin. You will need to modify your application's configuration file, but following the instructions described in the "How to configure a Wowza server as an HTTP caching origin" forum article, in the "HTTP Streamer properties" section.

    You can ingest and transcode the incoming streams on your origin server, and then use push publishing to push the transcoded stream to the Wowza edge applications, which can work as HTTP caching origins. Please take a look at the "How to push streams to CDNs and other services (Push Publishing)" forum article.

    I hope this helps.


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