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Thread: Motion Detection or Movement Detection using Wowza

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    Question Motion Detection or Movement Detection using Wowza

    Hi Guyz,

    How to detect Motion and movement in wowza, is there any module is present in wowza. if it is present then please help to find out that module and give me the url or any documentation for that, if it is not present then please help to find out that how to create that module in wowza media system by providing any link, url, documentation for that.
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    There is nothing built into Wowza that supports motion detection at this time.

    You may consider hiring a consultant to work with you on the development of such a module.

    When posting to the find a consultant forum, please provide a detailed description of the project, a time line and budget. In this case also define motion detection. i.e, physical movement at the the camera, or movement within the video.


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    Actually we have a very small budget, can we make our own, please guide us.

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    Hi karan@1,

    Please send an email to from an email address with a valid entitlement, and reference this thread.


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