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Thread: transcode mono 1 channel audio to stereo AAC

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    Default transcode mono 1 channel audio to stereo AAC

    Are there audio parameter settings that will transcode mono audio into stereo? The templates don't have any examples and neither do the user guides.

    Basically I've got mono AAC that I need to make stereo so iOS is happy.

    Thanks for any insights.

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    I don't think stereo/mono is configurable. As you point out, there is nothing in the default template.


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    Good spot by kb1895152.

    Note that posts in that section are not considered "official", though they can certainly be viewed and used. When we officially make a new release available (i.e. it's in your "My Downloads" tab in the customer portal) then you should also be able to see what has been added/fixed etc in the release notes.



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