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Thread: Access VOD stream programatically to write it to disk.

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    Default Access Media Cache stores

    I'd like to programatically access the Media Cache stores so that I can turn them into avi files similar to our LiveStreamRecord files. Basically, any time a person VODs a remote file, that cached stream becomes an indexed local file that no longer needs to be VOD'd.

    We've written server side modules, but never anything that touched the Media cache. Can you give us some hints?


    ---original Idea/post-----
    Currently I have wowza setup to access remote files directly using mediacache and I/O seek such that I have VOD working nicely. The problem is that I would like Wowza to record locally whatever the User requests via VOD (remote file is over celluar, anything accessed should be written locally to save from accessing remotely again). I don't think that I can do that with the current setup.

    Two Ideas:
    Instead I could have Wowza access the remote files via trickplay RTSP/RTMP streams provided by the remote media server. Basically a VOD stream on the edge server that Wowza then re-streams to my users. I would then enable LiveStreamRecoder to store a local copy of the stream media.

    Keep the current setup (Remote file access with mediacache and i/o seek module), and programatically access the VOD stream to write it to file via server side java.

    Which is more viable?
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