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Thread: Unable To Connect To Wowza From Another Local Computer ?

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    Default Unable To Connect To Wowza From Another Local Computer ?


    I am trying to test an rtsp stream from Wowza to VLC Player installed on another computer on my local network. The problem is I cannot get it to connect. I have enabled port forwarding on my router so that port 1935 is forwarded to the local network computer that the Wowza installation is on using the TCP protocol. However when I try to connect with VLC Player to test the rtsp stream it gives error messages unable to connect.

    The computer with the Wowza installation has local address of and the network URL I am entering in VLC Player is rtsp:// where feedstream is the name of the stream I am publishing. The stream is active as I can view it in the Wowza test players. Also, in VLC Player I have set Tools-->Preferences-->Input Codecs-->Network to use RTP over RTSP (TCP).

    There seems to be no reason that I can see why it should not connect?

    Any help most appreciated.
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    A few things to try.

    First enter the URL and port ( of the Wowza machine in the browser address bar of the VLC machine. If everything is working you will see Wowza version and build number.

    Also, you can run Wowza in stand-alone mode [install-dir]/bin/startup.bat | and view the output in the console. This may show you an indication of the problem.



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    Thank you for your reply.

    I now have the Wowza stream playing on other PC's on my local network using VLC Player, it was my router that was the problem, it was not port forwarding correctly. I have changed the router and Wowza now streams OK over my local network. I do have another issue where the stream is not visible over the internet but I have created a separate topic for that as it does not seem to be in the scope of this topic (local network).

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    That's great news. Thanks for the update and glad you got that part sorted.

    Will look at the other topic.



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