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Thread: When does the embed code for the player appear?

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    Default When does the embed code for the player appear?


    I have a question regarding the embedcode for the wowza streaming cloud player. I created a stream and waited almost an hour to get the embed code for the player. Still nothing there. Do I have to start the stream until I get this embedcode? That would be very annoying and totally useless because I have to give the embedcode to my clients many days in advance before the livestream starts.

    Any idea why that happens?



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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. However, can you please submit a support request in order to view your workflow and obtain your account information to research the issue. In the mean time, as a work around, you can go to the playback tab and change the player width by 1, making it 641, and it will force the player to finish.

    Please reference this forum post when you submit your ticket.


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