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    Default Event End Detection

    I need to do some work on files after a live event is over. While I could do this work on a batch process overnight on everything in a particular directory, I would prefer to do it in near real-time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to detect that an event is over (i.e. the stream has disconnected)? I can do it possibly by time but that seems to be a hard hack and what happens for the long-winded speaker example.

    I think there might be a solution to query against the 'file state,' which would be agnostic to Wowza. Is there something in Wowza that would allow for automated flow?

    One wrinkle in this is that every now and then Wowza will not release a connection when the streaming encoder is stopped. I haven't had the time to try to see if I can build out a repeatable set of symptoms that leads to this, but it happens often enough that it is troubling. It also corrupts the mp4. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated as well.

    Thanks all to this forum for the help.


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    Hi Bob.

    Take a look at IMediaStreamActionNotify.onUnPublish():
    How to use IMediaStreamActionNotify3 interface to listen for RTMP stream events (includes codec info)



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