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Thread: Transcoder Not Matching Bitrate

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    Default Transcoder Not Matching Bitrate

    Hi All,

    I have 3 dedicated Wowza servers transcoding 24/7 video for ABR streaming. Our first 2 servers work like a dream. We just installed out 3rd server, and we have 2 feeds running perfectly.

    We just added a third stream, incoming RTMP at 3.0 mbps. Our transcoder settings have the _source as passthrough, _480p at 1.2mbps, and _360p at 400kbps.


    For whatever reason, on the third (newest) stream, the _480p stream is only being transcoded at 750kbps, instead of 1.2mbps. The _360p stream is also low, averaging around 300kbps.

    I have never had this issue. Further, the first two streams have the same spec, and are transcoding accurately.

    Has anyone run into this?

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    It's best to look in the access and error logs, located in [install-dir]/logs, for messages related to that stream, and any that relate to transcoding. It's likely that something
    is going on with the stream in question.
    Look for messages such as 'decoder-audio-start' and 'decoder-video-start' and make sure the stream specs match what you expect.


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    So you think this could be an encoding issue on the incoming stream? The top end 3mbps RTMP feed we are ingesting appears to be completely fine. We are using Teradek Cubes, and they've had zero issues like this before. Will check the logs ASAP.

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