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Thread: Issue with live playlist switching with MPEG-DASH

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    Smile Issue with live playlist switching with MPEG-DASH

    Hey everyone!

    Hope all is well...

    Seeing a weird issue with live playlist switching and streaming over MPEG-DASH...

    Long story short, we're switching between live content and VOD content (where playlists and streams are defined on server and is invoked). This seems to work just fine for RTMP and HDS streams, but when viewing the MPEG-DASH stream it stalls. There aren't any error messages on the server either, it just stalls and fails silently.

    Could this be a bug with Wowza, or should stream switching when using MPEG-DASH be treated different apart from HDS/RTMP, etc?

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    Are you seeing any indication of the issue in the logs?


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    Hey Salvadore!

    None that I could remember, but this is reminiscent of a larger issue with the implementation of MPEG-DASH in Wowza (see this post:

    Cheers, Salvadore

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