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Thread: Where do I place my crossdomain.xml file on the EC2 instance?

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    Default Where do I place my crossdomain.xml file on the EC2 instance?

    Hi all,

    Newbie here, and I've poked around on the forums and help docs trying to find this info and have struck out.

    I'm just getting things up and running on my EC2 instance. I was able to stream from GoCoder on my iPhone, embed the resulting stream in a website and view the stream, but only on Mac devices. On Windows machines, I get a Crossdomain Access Denied message. I did the research and discovered I need to whitelist my website domain using crossdomain.xml. I've created the file, and am ready to upload it to my EC2 instance, but am curious where I need to load it? Should I be loading this in one of the Wowza directories (Bin, Conf, Content, etc.), or somewhere directly on the EC2 VM?



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    Hi folks,

    I just added this right at the root using SCP to /home/ec2-user/, and verified the stream on my Windows machine.


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