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Thread: Using Wowza for download to watch service

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    Default Using Wowza for download to watch service

    Hi Wowza team

    We have a full content ingest system including:
    Encoders (not one of the leading/know ones)
    DRM Verimatrix
    The encoder creates 4 files each one of them with a different bitrate.
    We plan for Wowza to package it to HLS with Verimatrix DRM.
    We would like to prepare a video file based on the highest bitrate (with DRM e.g. Verimatrix) to be later downloaded to a device (e.g PC) via a CDN to be watched on that device offline.
    Can you please advice how can we use wowza to support the requirement as described above?

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    I see you also sent us a support request for this issue. It is being addressed in ticket #130594. If the community has anything additional to add to your post, please do so. Support will address your question via the support request.


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