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Thread: Load Balancer 4 - RTMP Redirection - Seek Forward/Backward Problem

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    Default Load Balancer 4 - RTMP Redirection - Seek Forward/Backward Problem

    I've currently setup a Wowza Streaming Engine 4 server using the Load Balancer 4 addon. The load balancer also acts as a Server Client. There is one other Server Client making a total of 2 servers delivering the streaming media. The Server Clients are setup to use RTMP Redirection as instructed in the Load Balancer 4 user guide PDF. The load balancer is working and user requests get redirected to the server with the least number of connections and the videos are playing.

    However when we try to seek forward/backward, the video always restarts from the beginning. If I remove the RTMP redirection and play the videos without load balancing, it plays the video and we can seek forward/backward with no problems. It looks like when we try to seek, the stream reconnects to one of the load balanced servers and just starts from the beginning. Are there Wowza settings to configure to keep a persistant connection to the current connected server when seeking forward/backward? Or could there be a setting that needs adjustment on the JW Player 6.12 we are using?

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    this is a know issue that we are working on with JW player. I'll pass this information on to them



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