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Thread: RTSP livestream via RTMP: issue "hiccups" every 60-90 secs

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    Default RTSP livestream via RTMP: issue "hiccups" every 60-90 secs

    I want to distribute a RTSP livestream from a local encoder (1,5 MBit bandwidth per stream) via RTMP.
    In general the stuff is running, but every 60-90 secs (even in the local LAN) I am experiencing a kind
    of "hiccups" where the video/audio stops for some milliseconds and then continues. I tried different
    RTMP plugin (JW, Videojs, Flow), but had no success. I also modified buffers on the Wowza side without
    any improvement.

    VOD files via RTMP are being streamed w/o any issues.

    Any ideas?
    Any recommendations?
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    Hello, can you please provide your encoder settings? i.e
    GOP (key frame interval)
    audio/video codec



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    Current Profile Settings:
    D1 resolution,
    H.264, 25fps, 1500kps
    AAC 32kHz Stereo 96kps

    cannot set the GOP value on the encoder

    Any idea with that settings?
    If I connect via VLC directly onto the encoder I do not experience any issues & hiccups.
    So I assume something on the Wowza/RTMP side.
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