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    We have a Wowza streaming server 4.1.1 which we use to live stream (and record) video from Wowza go coder devices installed on iPhones. Until a couple of days ago everything worked fine. Suddenly, the live video stream constantly freezes on all clients (flash, iOS, android with RTSP). The recorded stream is fine - meaning the problem is not with the uploaded stream. Also, when playing the recorded file to the same clients it plays well. Only watching the live stream has this problem. I also tried watching the stream from the server (using VLC) and got the same problem - meaning it is not an Internet band width problem.

    You can see our live streams on this page:

    We need urgent help since we are delivering about 50 live streams daily.


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    Hello there.

    Please check the logs for any indication of the problem and update this thread with your findings.

    Thank you.


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    Sorry, I forgot to mention - the logs are clean. No trace of any problem related to this.

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    In that case you should open a ticket for the fastest troubleshooting assistance.

    Please follow this guide and send requested information to Also include a link to this thread as reference:
    How to create a compressed zip file in Windows, OS X, and Linux



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