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Thread: How to access documentation for Wowza Streaming Engine REST APIs ???

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    Post How to access documentation for Wowza Streaming Engine REST APIs ???


    After following steps given on wowza website, we are not able to access the REST API documents. I am not able to figure out where to extract the Documentation folder so it can be accessible by http://localhost:8089/api-docs path.

    Documentation Comment:
    Extract the zipped folder contents, and then open the static webpage [package-root]/index.html in a web browser.
    Note: By default, the webpage tries to access the REST API documentation using http://localhost:8089/api-docs, so you must open the webpage from a browser on the same Wowza Streaming Engine computer that has the REST API documentation you intend to view. To open the webpage from a web browser on a different computer, you must add the non-localhost IP address of the remote computer to the <RESTInterface>/<IPWhiteList> property in Server.xml to enable the remote computer to access to REST API.

    Response we get from server when we try to access the above url <>

    {"info":null,"swaggerVersion":"1.2","apis":[{"b":"Application Operations","description":"Application Operations","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/applications"},{"b":"Machine Level Current Statistics","description":"Machine Level Current Statistics","path":"/v2/machine/monitoring/current"},{"b":"Machine Level Historic Statistics","description":"Machine Level Historic Statistics","path":"/v2/machine/monitoring/historic"},{"b":"Server Licenses","description":"Server Licenses","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/licenses"},{"b":"Server Listeners","description":"Server Listeners","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/listeners"},{"b":"Server log4j system","description":"Server log4j system","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/log4j"},{"b":"Server MediaCache","description":"Server MediaCache","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/mediacache"},{"b":"Server MediaCasters","description":"Server MediaCasters","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/mediacasters"},{"b":"Server Monitoring","description":"Server Monitoring","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/monitoring"},{"b":"Server Publishers","description":"Server Publishers","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/publishers"},{"b":"REST information","description":"REST information","path":"/restinfo"},{"b":"Servers Configuration","description":"Servers Configuration","path":"/v2/servers"},{"b":"Server Status","description":"Server Status","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/status"},{"b":"Server Transcoder","description":"Server Transcoder","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/transcoder"},{"b":"Server Tuning","description":"Server Tuning","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/tune"},{"b":"Server Users","description":"Server Users","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/users"},{"b":"VHost Operations","description":"VHost Operations","path":"/v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts"}],"authorizations":null,"apiVersion":"1.0.0"}

    Can you please help us out here to get the REST API documentation working ?

    Ketan Patel

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    Hello Ketan

    If you open the index.html file from the package you download within your browser, it should give you a nicer UI to view the API with. Accessing the api-docs directly will return the json encoded data as you see above.

    Should you continue to have problems, please send your conf/ and logs/ and a screenshot of what you are seeing to


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