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Thread: Wowza origin-edge latency

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    Default Wowza origin-edge latency

    I have setup a wowza origin and edge to server rtmp live video streams.
    at first time watch streaming from edge server, There are 30-40 sec lags.
    but second time, only 2-3 sec lag. if there are plural number of origin, it happened.
    is any idea?
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    Liverepeater adds latency and some variables, esp. the network between edge and origin. It might help to use MediaCaster Stream Monitor on the edge, which will reset liverepeater streams as necessary, and follow the Low Latency Live Streaming guide:
    How to achieve the lowest latency from capture to playback
    How to enable advanced monitoring and resetting of MediaCaster streams



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    Thank you for reply. I'll try it.

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