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Thread: RESTful API using CURL does not work as expected

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    Default RESTful API using CURL does not work as expected

    Good M@rning!

    I have a scenario where I have setup a basic Wowza server instance on my PC (localhost). Now, I would like to use restful API with Wowza using curl. I got some basic direction here:, but, with whatever queries I tried (either GET or POST method), I always get the same error: "The request requires user authentication".

    For example, I tried different combinations:

    curl -X GET --header 'Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8' http://taha:a1@localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications
    curl -X GET --header 'Accept:application/json' http://taha:a1@localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications
    curl -X GET --header 'Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8' http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications
    curl -X POST  -H "Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8" -H "Content-type:application/json; charset=utf-8" http://taha:a1@localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/testlive -d '{"restURI":"http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/testlive","name":"testlive","appType":"Live","clientStreamReadAccess":"*","clientStreamWriteAccess":"*","description":"Testing our Rest Service","streamConfig":{"restURI":"http://taha:a1@localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/testlive/streamconfiguration","streamType":"live"}}'
    curl -X GET --header 'Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8' http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/testlive/streamfiles
    All return the same error:

    C:\Users\Admin>curl -X GET --header 'Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8' http://taha:a1@localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications
    curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host 'charset=utf-8''
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><error><wowzaServer>4.2.0</wowzaServer><code>401</code><message>The request requires user authentication</message></error>
    I noticed this error message is not documented in the page referenced, what am I missing?

    Note: taha is username, and a1 is password. I tried different combinations, with and without the username/password string so it may not display the same error over and over.

    Wowza server version is 4.2.0.

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