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Thread: Choppy video, poor quality and even freezing

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    Default Choppy video, poor quality and even freezing

    I have a IOs mobile app that uses Wowza streaming server and until this all is ok. I mean, if both the streaming person and the watching person have good internet connection, all is ok. But when someone with a poor internet connection is streaming, it all goes bad. Choppy video, poor quality, freezing, long connection time .. and all is for RTSP/RTMP and not HLS. In the exact same conditions I've tested with other mobile apps that do the same and the quality was better and smoother. What should I do? The server is a bold one .. with 32Gb RAM and powerful processor. I have enabled the transcoding for different resolutions. I have the settings set to live in the VHost.xml. What else should I do? The bandwidth from the user that was streaming was not that bad .. most download speed was around 1,800 - 3000 Kbps .. but from time to time was 325 Kbps or 237 Kbps with 400-500 ms latency in those moments .. otherwise latency being 85ms. How to solve this? Also, what is the best IOs library for streaming and playing but that is not expensive either? Thank you.

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    Hi Marco,

    When publishing a stream from your mobile device, you should make sure that the device has enough upload internet bandwidth to deliver its stream to the Wowza server. The download available is only used for stream playback.


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