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Thread: how to setup web interface like with wowza

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    Post how to setup web interface like with wowza

    hello all. i am a newbie... and very interested in this service. i have tested wowza trial version on local host.. i wan to know how i can integrate it with website.. i.e i want to setup site like or ... please tell me how is it possible to integrate wowza streaming server to website in such way...
    hope you understand my question..
    thanks in advance
    Tanvir Zafar

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    From what I can tell sites such as accept an RTMP stream and frame it within their JavaScript code. So a simple workflow may be to connect a live source to Wowza, and then push the RTMP output to the destination (as defined when building the playback page via their setup wizard).


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    thanks @Paul_S for replying....
    can you please explain it.. hoe to make such workflow... just tell me points i will dive into deep on my own ends....

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