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Thread: Change default recording path

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    Question Change default recording path

    Hello all.
    I am trying to set a custom default path to a secondary drive on our server for manual recordings. In the streams page when I click Record, i get /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/content. I want it /media/ntfs/newfolder
    I can change it everytime no problem, but for other users, I want them to just click record, click ok and be ok.
    I opened Application.xml and changed the default content directory to that new folder, but it wont change what is default in the path field of the record options.

    Any suggestions gets a virtual beer!

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    Hello there.

    You should be able to change the <StorageDir> for the application via the Application.xml file the way you describe. Also, through the engine Manager, in the application page choose Edit/Streaming File Directory/Use the following directory:
    Here you can enter a custom storage path.

    This will be where recordings are saved for this application.

    Are you saying that you do this and somehow this is not working for everyone?

    Please explain.

    Thank you


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