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Thread: Video chat in Android using wowza

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    Default Video chat in Android using wowza

    Hi, I am new to wowza and exploring how to do video/audio chat with Android using wowza server. Please help me to figure it out. Any suggestion or sample code will be really appreciable.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First you will need to setup and optimize your Wowza server for video chat. Please take a look at this article describing how to do that:
    How to set up live video chat

    Then, you will need to create a custom Android software application that will have to run on the Android device, and will have to get the camera and microphone feed, encode it and stream it to your Wowza server. In the same time it needs to have the ability to connect to a separate Wowza stream to receive and playback the stream sent by the chat partner.

    If you get stuck or need help with this you may consider posting a request to the find a consultant forum



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