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Thread: WOWZa Vod content directory within wordpress upload folder not working

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    Default WOWZa Vod content directory within wordpress upload folder not working

    Hello, First of all thanks for the awesome tool for the ease of building VOD sites and live streaming.

    I have setup wowza media server latest version. When I try to set custom folder path for the content direcotry in one of Wowza VOD app it does not play videos instead give following error in status bar of test player. "Source stream or file could not be found or access was denied."

    Actually the custom folder is within the uploads directory of my wordpress installation that is on the same server as wowza installed. Running with Nginx and PHP-FPM. I want to stream user uploaded videos from the wordpress uploads directory but Wowza does playing videos from given directory instead gives above message.

    FYI, I feel its a permission issue, so I have created a new group named special group added root,wowza and nginx user into that specialusers group and assigned this group as owner to uploads folder and set permissions to 0755, everything is accessible within the browser like images and videos into the browser but its not working in wowza.

    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated, I have tried everything to get this working, finally had to write here for the help.

    Kind Regards,

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    Those error messages stating that stream was not found can only be addressed by checking on site setup and exact paths, urls to identify exact mismatch. Can be a wrong path or missing / at end of some path in plugin settings or Wowza app content folder configuration.

    Setup tutorial is available at .

    Sample settings as in the demo :
    Uploads Path
    Path where video files will be stored. Make sure you use a location outside plugin folder to avoid losing files on updates and plugin uninstallation.

    RTMP Address
    Optional: Required only for RTMP playback. Recommended: Wowza RTMP Hosting.
    RTMP application address for playback.
    Do not use a rtmp address that requires some form of authentication or verification done by another web script as player will not be able to connect.
    Avoid using a shared rtmp address. Setup a special rtmp application for playback of videos. For Wowza configure <StreamType>file</StreamType>.

    RTMP Streams Path
    Optional: Required only for RTMP playback.
    Path where rtmp server is configured to stream videos from. Uploads path must be a subfolder of this path to allow rtmp access to videos.
    This must be a substring of, or same as Uploads Path.

    Optional: Required only for HLS playback.
    HTTP address to access by HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
    For Wowza disable live packetizers: <LiveStreamPacketizers></LiveStreamPacketizers>.

    If you don't manage to install and configure this free plugin and you have compatible hosting, paid technical assistance is available for a $25 installation fee from .
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    Thank you so much for the response. I got it resolved, had to disable secure token settings in Wowza VOD app and it started streaming.
    Can you put some light on how can I setup adaptive bit rate streaming feature using this plugin?

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    You will need to place the SMIL descriptor files in the same location as your video on demand files. The SMIL adaptive streaming descriptor files contain information about the different video on demand renditions/versions of the same video that are part of the same adaptive streaming video.
    In the How to do adaptive bitrate streaming forum article you can find more information on how to configure video on demand adaptive bitrate delivery.


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