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Thread: Manually switch from multiple live streaming sources to act as a director

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    Exclamation Manually switch from multiple live streaming sources to act as a director

    Is it possibile to manually switch from multiple live streaming sources?
    I need to record a live event from multiple angles/views
    then I want to be able to control which camera is live for the show in real time.
    It is possible to accomplish this is some way?
    If it is not, do you know any piece of hardware/software that I can use to do the same locally before sending the stream to wowza?

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    You can use the "ModuleStreamControl" module. It can be used to dynamically create, set up, and start new live Stream class streams from static and live sources, and add sources to existing Stream class streams. It uses a custom Flash client as a user interface to the module. You can find more information in the "How to control Stream class streams dynamically (ModuleStreamControl)" forum article.


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    I have this but I had a programmer write the code for me, the only issue i have is the delay in switching, since it waits and switches on keyframes and also its switching at the server there can be a delay of upto a couple of seconds for people watching the output stream, but it can be done.

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