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Thread: Instruct wowza to listen on UDP port via RESET

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    Default Instruct wowza to listen on UDP port via RESET

    Hey Guys,

    Is it possible via the rest API to ask wowza to open a port and listen for RTP data via UDP?

    I know you can create a module and a http listener to do this. But I was wondering if its possible via the standard REST API?


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    If I understood your question, you would like to have Wowza connect to an RTP/UDP incoming stream, whenever you send such an instruction using the REST API.
    If this is correct, then you can achieve this with several requests, using the examples provided in the "Stream Management" section of the "How to use cURL to query Wowza REST APIs" forum article.

    You will first need to Add a stream file using the IP:port stream information (udp://ServerIP:port)
    Then, you will need to publish that stream using the Connect a stream file REST API calls.


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    Great, Thanks! I will give that a try

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