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Thread: How to achieve animation effect in wowza graphical overlays

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    Default How to achieve animation effect in wowza graphical overlays

    I want to display animated overlays on streaming. I am using set of jpg/png images for animation effect. On each frame i change overlay image by using


    But this function add new image and previous image still there in memory, so memory usage reaches 100%. Is there any other way to do this.

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    I was doing similar things year ago or so.
    So basically yes, you should be quite fast with providing yet another overlay for each frame to not cause frame rate dropping.
    So yes, you should have all your overlay images prepared in memory.
    If something more dynamic is required then I found no other way but to build own custom software.
    However if your overlay sequences are short then they should be good to place into memory (it worked for one of my clients).

    Also, i'm not sure but you should probably not only add but remove prev overlay too.
    However I'll need to dig my old code to say it for sure.

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