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    Is it possible to create a custom LiveStreamPacketizer? I know there are ways to interact with existing packetizers, but they are not giving me the level of control I'd like...

    I know you can turn the built-in packetizers on and off using <Streams>/<LiveStreamPacketizers> but what is that list validated against?
    Can I provide new packetizers in the same fashion as I add Modules in the Application.xml or elsewhere?

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    You can control the LiveStreamPacketizer properties directly from the LiveStreamPacketizers.xml file, which is packaged within the [wowza-install-dir]/lib/wms-server.jar file. The complete path is the following one: [wowza-install-dir]\lib\wms-server.jar\com\wowza\wms\conf\LiveStreamPacketizers.xml
    You will need to extract LiveStreamPacketizers.xml and place it in the [wowza-install-dir]/conf/ folder. Don't forget to restart your Wowza server so that the new configuration settings are taken into account


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