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Thread: Live record sometimes stuck in "Waiting for stream" state

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    Default Live record sometimes stuck in "Waiting for stream" state

    (Wowza 4.2, EC2 medium instance)

    I'm working with a site that records live streams. Recently we have noticed that there are times when we are unable to record certain streams unless we do a full restart of Wowza (restarting the Wowza app fixes the issue. No need to reboot the Linux instance).

    Here you see 3 live streams on the system. The "problem" stream in this instance is the "local6b" one.

    We can verify that the stream is actually working by going into the wowza test player (or attaching via a jwplayer)

    We select the red record button and tell Wowza to record [basic settings: MP4, Start on key frame makes no difference, no segmentation, version option makes no difference]

    Upon hitting the record button the stream comes back as "Waiting for stream" even though the stream is still playing, and no recording ever happens.

    After restarting Wowza (restarting the live App has no effect and remains broken) the same stream, which was not stopped on the encoder side, is now able to record.

    What would cause a stream to be able to live stream just fine, be listed as "Active", but go into a waiting state when asked to record (while in the "Waiting" state for record, the live stream is still working from a live player). We also think we might be seeing a coloration between this happening and a very high spike in CPU usage (as reported by both the enginemanger and linux "top") but we are not certain of that.
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    Your log files should provide us additional information on what could be causing this. Do try to replicate this same behavior, and then send a support request to us with a zip copy of your conf/ and logs/ files, and include a link to this post for reference.


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    With our 4.2 setup, we are still seeing this issue. I've sent the requested data to support. Let me know if you need anything else or see anything outstanding in what I sent you.

    (Update: currently having issues sending in the requested data to your system)

    (Update2: the email should now be in your hands.)

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    This will now be handled in the Support ticket that's been created (148706).


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