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Thread: Android RTSP & HLS Delay

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    Default Android RTSP & HLS Delay

    We have a secure page (https) that has a video embedded in it. We are using jwplayer to render the video. It is using HLS with RTSP fallback.

    1. For Android, using RTSP, we get a buffering for 6+ seconds for every video. We also tested the wowza amazon big bunny video and we all get a buffering from it so maybe this is just the way RTSP is for Android?

    2. For Android, using HLS secure (https). By forcing jwplayer to use HLS this stream loads very slow sometimes over 10 seconds of spinning. Our iOS and desktop players play this stream immediately without delay. So something is going on in Android when using HLS HTTPS.

    3. For Android using HLS not secure (http). This plays immediately without delay. The problem is that the page is HTTPS so we can't serve a http video without browsers complaining about the insecure content.

    Does anyone have insight on the best approach in this scenario?

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    Hello, this could be any number of factors. I think the best approach here would be to send your /conf and /logs to support so they can take a closer look at your set up.

    To do so please zip up your [install-dir]/conf and [install-dir]/logs folders and send them to Please include a link to this thread for reference.

    Here is a guide with more details about opening a ticket with support:
    How to create a compressed zip file in Windows, OS X, and Linux



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