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Thread: iOS MP3 - wowza 3.6 transcode

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    Default iOS MP3 - wowza 3.6 transcode

    I have been running a monthly license with no add ons on a wowza 3.6 for a couple years. Our streamers have always used h264/AAC no problems as we understood this was the only way to steam to iOS without transcoding. I had a chance to uses a Windows machine and fmle, to my surprise h264/MP3 baseline 3.2 works just fine with iOS. When wowza 4 came along they sent me a new license, my question is did they toss in the Add ons (transcode) with the new license or has iOS now changed to allow MP3 in the live stream?

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    Hello there.

    iOS has supported MP3. It is best to use MP3 at 44100Hz, 128kbs. Take a look at table 1.1 here

    And yes, Wowza now includes the Wowza Transcoder with the monthly license as of version 4.0. No additional licenses are needed for Transcoder.



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