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Thread: Creating SMIL file on server throws exception with empty stack trace

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    Default Creating SMIL file on server throws exception with empty stack trace

    Hi -
    I'm rather new to wowza and I'm building a VOD multibitrate streaming application. I'm trying to create a SMIL file via the online wowza interface and after I submit the form with the file name and title nothing really happens and an exception message shows on the screen with no stacktrace data. I've verified that I'm using all appropriate characters, etc.

    The message says:
    Status Code:
    Any idea what may be going on here or how to fix/work around? Thank you!


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    Did you connect your smil file to your application instance?

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    It hasn't let me create a smil file - I'm following the directions here:
    to try to set it up via the web manager. As this isn't working, I'm going to create one manually, but I'd like to find out if there's an issue on our server instance or whatever may be going on in case it's a symptom of something else.

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    Just to close this thread - I manually created a sample smil file and it showed up in the wowza portal interface, and from there I could edit. Was never able to track down what the problem was with creating a new one.

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    Thanks for the update and glad you got this sorted.


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