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Thread: frame accurate seeking in paused DASH playback

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    Default frame accurate seeking in paused DASH playback

    I am using the example WowzaStreamingEngine-4.3.0 MPEGDASHPlayer.
    I am trying to implement seeking frame by frame in a paused DASH stream.

    When I set a new position using currentTime of the video element the
    video does not move to the new frame. If I increment frame by
    frame for many frames eventually after 20 to 40 frames a new
    frame will be displayed.

    Is there a setting on the wowza server or the shaka javascript
    library that can be used to get frame accurate seeking to work?

    Example: setting the HTML5 video element current time to three different frames
    this.vidElement.currentTime = 19.566666666666666;
    this.vidElement.currentTime = 19.6;
    this.vidElement.currentTime = 19.633333333333333;

    Example: shaka and video setup
    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/shaka-player.compiled.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var video1;
    var shakaPlayer;

    var html5VidElem = document.getElementById("video1");

    // Install polyfills for legacy browser support.

    // Construct a Player to wrap around it.
    shakaPlayer = new shaka.player.Player(html5VidElem);

    // Attach the player to the window so that it can be easily debugged.
    window.player = shakaPlayer;

    // Listen for errors from the Player.
    shakaPlayer.addEventListener('error', function(event) {

    // Construct a DashVideoSource to represent the DASH manifest.
    var mpdUrl = '';
    var estimator = new shaka.util.EWMABandwidthEstimator();
    var source = new shaka.player.DashVideoSource(mpdUrl, null, estimator);

    // Load the source into the Player.

    Example: HTML5 video element
    <video id="video1" onloadeddata="video1.onLoadedDataEvent()" onpause="video1.onPauseEvent()" onplay="video1.onPlayEvent()" ontimeupdate="video1.onTimeUpdateEvent()" controls crossorigin="anonymous" >

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    Reading the MPD URL syntax section:

    When I change the manifest extension and examine the manifests for the profiles setting.

    Frame accurate manifests have on demand profiles

    Could this be the problem?
    Why does my VOD application use isoff-live profile setting for two of the manifest configurations?

    I found a paragraph from Guidelines for Implementation: DASH-AVC/264 Interoperability Points:

    Note: If accurate seeking to specific time is required and at the same time a fats response is required one may use On-Demand profile for VoD

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