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    Hi everyone, i have used this forum quite some time to find the information i needed. In this case i thought to give something back to the community. I have created a live dashboard to monitor a Wowza 4.x server. I got tired of looking at the xml scripts
    I used this script when i was still using Wowza Media Server 3.5 and i have rebuild it for wowa 4.x. Its written in php and all you actually need is a webserver where you can run the dasbhoard on.
    My Dashboard relies on the output of the connectioncounts and serverinfo pages. Screenshots and detailed information can be found on my github page. I got several users already who liked it. Its completely free to use. SO i thought to put it on here as well.
    Just let me know if you like it or want adjustments. Feedback is highly appreciated

    just some screenshots of the dashboard. The rest you can find on my github page.


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    Awesome, thanks for sharing free.

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