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Thread: Help with design my workspace

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    Question Help with design my workspace


    I need your help with design my workspace for streaming VOD content in MPEG DASH protocol.
    This design will need to support about 100 users, each user will open one stream every time and with no bandwidth limit (working in an intarnet).

    For this purpose, I thought about installing two Wowza media servers for load balancing and redundancy. Each one of the media servers will have the same media cache.

    I read that the Wowza Load Balancer will not give me a solution for the MPEG DASH protocol but, is it possible to use Third-party load balancer before the two media servers to support the MPEG DASH protocol ?

    Do I need to install the servers in a windows cluster or can they be installed separately?

    What else should I need to take care of ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello there.

    Due to the lack of response to this post, I would suggest you post a request to the find a consultant forum.



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