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Thread: Recorded MP4 - audio out of sync from Flash webcam only

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    Default Recorded MP4 - audio out of sync from Flash webcam only

    I am sending a live stream via Flash webcam that uses H.264 / Speex codecs to Wowza. On the live stream, the audio and video are perfectly in sync. However, on the recorded MP4, the audio is out of sync with the video. it appears that the video is frozen for the first second or two while the audio plays, and the audio becomes out of sync for the rest of the recorded video.

    I am recording the real-time transcoded version of the stream (transcoding Speex to AAC down to an MP4 container). I have the property recordWaitForVideoKeyframe set to true and have tried manipulating video quality and mic quality settings from Flash and still having issues.

    My Flash Webcam codec settings are:

    1. H.264 - Baseline, Level 3.2
    2. Speex, silenceLevel 0
    3. 640x360, fps 25

    Could you please help me with this? I am absolutely stuck at this point.


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    If you are using 'Record all incoming streams' setting provided in the live application, you can try a fix that was recently added in Wowza Streaming Engine update.
    You can find this update after logging into your Wowza portal account and going to the 'My Downloads' tab.


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