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Thread: How to use "rtp-live" to start and stop stream.

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    Default How to use "rtp-live" to start and stop stream.

    Just came across a post

    "It is if you start streams with StreamManager or StartupStreams.xml.

    You can avoid that if you only have Flash RTMP clients, you can use StreamType "rtp-live", then you do not have to use StreamManager or StartUpStreams to start the stream. The first Flash RTMP client that plays the stream will start it and it will stop 60 seconds after the last one stops.


    so can some one provide the steps to implement the "rtp-live" so the stream starts when the first user play the stream and stops when the last user stop playing the stream.


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    You would set the 'StreamType' to 'rtp-live' in the file [install-dir]/conf/[MyApplicationName]/Application.xml

    As you describe this would allow the first player that requests the stream to actually start it up. This only applies to
    media caster streams, so streams based on RTSP/IP cameras and encoders for instance.
    It does also only apply to RTMP based players. The stream cannot be started by HLS or other HTTP protocols
    and when the last RTMP player stops whating the stream will stop after 60 seconds. SO if any http players are still
    watching then the stream will stop for those. So it really is an RTMP player only workflow in this sense.


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